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In Service of Country is a 2D action platform couch game akin to Duck Game in game-play. Play as an undercover agent and fight your friends to steal valuable intel or eliminate hostile agents. The game features several game modes, in Capture the intel it’s all about keeping your cool and navigating the map to deliver intel before it’s stolen from you or thinking ahead to snatch it from your friends. In elimination you are tasked with killing hostile agents and this is where thriving in chaos is an advantage. Alternatively, you can play combined mode to show who is the master at both and best amongst your friends.


This is a game in development, and therefor not ready to play. It will be a premium game, when it is released.


InServiceofCountryLinuxv0.1.1.tar.gz 41 MB
InServiceofCountryWin0.1.1.zip 23 MB

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