In Service of Country Devlog #3

Devlog #3

Hi everyone,

Last week we uploaded a demo in hopes someone would play it and give some feedback. If you haven’t done it yet, we would very much like if you try it out and fill out the feedback survey. If you tried the first demo, and hadn’t noticed, we uploaded a new version of the demo yesterday. It includes some changes and some fixes, all of which you can read in the patchnotes.txt file included in the .zip and .tar.gzip folders.

Unless game breaking bugs are reported, I’m not sure we will update the demo again in the near future. For those who played and filled out the feedback survey, thank you very much. This is much appreciated!

NB: You can still find the demo here or on Gamejolt.

Artificial intelligence

One of the things, that have been worked on in the last couple of weeks is the AI. It is not nearly done, but works fine especially in Capture the flag. The AI is developed with fuzzy logic concept, which in short is a way of imitating human decision making.

Right now the player can select AI either in the In-game menu or the selection menu:

Controller support

It was always the plan to have controller support, both because our primary focus is consoles, but also because we knew that keyboard controls would not give us as many options for great gameplay.

The first time around we just used Unity’s (Unity Engine) input manager, which is fine for smaller things but doesn’t really work with bigger things. We wanted to buy a tool to help us, and we actually ended up deciding in favor of InControl, however we discovered a new updated (now discontinued) github version which we use for the time being. We wanted to know how good it really was. As I remember the first thing our lead programmer said about it, was “damn this is sexy”.

If you need controller support, and use Unity you should seriously consider InControl.

Other news

This is the devlog, that would have been out Friday December 22nd, but due to the holidays we decided today was a better option. We expect to be able to give another update, Friday January 5th 2018, however keep in mind that this would only give us one week worth of updates and not two like normally.

Original post:

We at Nerve Damage Games wish you all the best for Christmas and a great new year.

Happy holidays!


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