In Service of Country Devlog #1

The Game

In Service of Country is a 2D action platformer primarily focused on local multiplayer, though we want to add online multiplayer as well. We have planned three game modes for the game.

  • Capture the flag
  • Gunplay
  • Capture the flag with GunPlay

All three modes will have different game types for example a game type could be last-man standing, first to ten or time attack. In capture the flag 2-4 players fight for the briefcase [the flag], when a player collect the briefcase, they need to deliver it at one of the extraction points.

In Gunplay 2-4 players fight with guns that is spawned around the level. Players will not be spawned with a gun, but can pick them up. Each guns have different fire stats and cannot be reloaded. If ammo run out, pick up a new gun. In this mode, the game will add twin-stick control, since the players aim with the right analog stick.

The Game-play

Run, jump, dash, shoot [only gunplay and combined game mode], collect/deliver briefcase [only ctf and combined game mode] and collect power-ups to beat your competition.


  • Began work on leveleditor.
    • Though we can’t promise anything in regards to final build.
  • Added four levels made by MoPed Games.
  • Added four characters made by MoPed Games.
  • Added particle effects for run, jump, wall jump, dash and briefcase.
  • Added animation to extraction points.
  • Added sound effects.
  • Added wall jumping.
    • Redesigned it to get it more balanced.
  • Added Capture the flag and gun modes.
  • Added Time, Sudden Death and Points game types.
  • Added horizontal and vertical moving platforms.
  • Began work on online multiplayer.
    • Again not gonna promise anything.
  • Added Dash ability.
  • And a bunch of other stuff.
  • Added placeholder explosions on bullet collisions.
  • Added camera shake on bullet collision.

Other news

In other news we had a team member attend Sweden Game Conference back in October, thanks to GameHub Denmark 😎. SGC is a totally awesome place to go to, if you are a smaller indie company looking for feedback on a game in development.

We got a lot of feedback, and tweaked a lot of smaller things & and did a redesign of the wall jumping system to make it feel better and give the players better control.

On a finishing note you can expect new a update biweekly - next scheduled update is Friday December 8th.

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